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Top 5 Rock & Beer Bars in Cuenca, Ecuador

La Barraca

Borrero 9-68 y Gran Colombia
The Barraca Café is a restaurant (there is even a good value lunch (almuerzo) during the day), bar und live music club in one. Best to just walk in and talk to the very friendly owner about upcoming live gigs; she's lived in Belgium and Austria for some time before opening this bar.
Be aware that live concerts may start as early as 5pm. Don't forget to bring you earplugs, the metalbands playing here like to do so very loud.
What we liked most: even on Christmas eve the bar was open!

Beer: Pilsner $1.80
Cover fee: < $2.00 (Girls free!)
Crowd: young metal fans from around Cuenca

Zade Metal

Hermano Miguel y Honoratio Vasquez

This is a small hard rock and metal bar in Hermano Miguel corner Honoratio Vasquez. Open Wednesday - Sunday, depending on the owners mood. The music can be anything from speed, dark and death-metal, but we also heard The Scorpions in here. Be careful with the Canelazo - this is a typical andean drink: local aguardiente mixed with some water, lime and cinnamon. It's served warm in 0.5 or 1l jars and will knock you out if drunk too rapidly.

Beer: Pilsner $1.50
Canelazo 0.5l: $3.00
Crowd: young to very yound Cuencano heavy metal fans


Mariano Cueve y Presidente Córdova
Totally fucked off bar. The walls are painted in dark red, the light is dim and the owner/barkeeper always seems to have started the day with a drink (however on 2nd and 3rd night we thought that this might just the way he is, we never found out if he really is drunk or just behaves like that). He plays all kinds of music, classic rock/metal songs but also newer things. Be aware of the green Canelazo which they serve here, sometimes for free!

Beer: Pilsner $1.50
Crowd: Anything from young to mid-age Cuencanos; all metal fans or gothic style

Far Out

Juan Jaramillo 7-36 y Borrero
Rock Bar with 'cerveca artesanal' made according to german purity law. Owned by german expat who opened this place 3 years ago. Mostly you'll find german, american or english expats chatting at the bar.
Best choice of music: The owner digitalised over 70000 CDs and you can choose in his 'music menu' from anything rocky dated back to the 60s or 70s.

Beer (self made on tap): $5,00 (0.5l)
Crowd: ageing hippies that did not get stuck in Vilcabamba

Compania - Microcervezeria

Antonio Borrero 4-58 / 4-62 y Honorato Vasquez
The Compania is another microbrewery at Placoleta de la Merced. There are four different types of beer on draft in three sizes: 0.5l, 0.75l und 1l. The mediana offers best value for $3,50. 1l costs $5.00, 0.5l costs $2.50. They offer a wide choice of beer cocktails, which we would never try. Why spoil the really good beer?

Beer (microbrew on tap) $2.50 - $5.00
Crowd: Anything, Cuencanos, tourists, expats, whoever can afford a nice microbrew draft beer

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